I’m Voting for Empathy

I stand for Rob Quist

“Empathy creates energy,” (Apple CEO). Rob Quist wants to help veterans with PTSD by engaging them with music. He’ll fight for affordable health care, equal rights for all Montanans and sustaining Social Security and Medicare. He will help small business people and farmers. He wants to keep public lands wild and free for the enjoyment of all people, and he strongly supports public schools. He is a man of great caring.

Greg Gianforte wants seniors to keep on working, as he stated that there is nothing in the Bible about retirement. Noah, he believes, built the Ark when he was 600 years old. So buck up, seniors. He also supports discrimination in hiring practices, and he stated that he likes to kill animals “for fun.”

Where’s the empathy?

On another note, Gianforte is a science denier. As a creationist, he wants to send tax dollars to fund private schools with the intent of promoting his beliefs about dinosaurs, humans, and the age of the earth. I see this as another pile of “alternative facts.” Jack Horner warns us to “think twice” before voting for him.

As a retired teacher, I find this appalling, anachronistic, and obfuscating. I support truth in the public schools. This is the 21st century; the Earth is not flat. To elect a science denier is folly. For after all, knowledge is power, and ignorance is not bliss. I stand for Rob Quist. I am voting for empathy. I am voting for truth.

Nancy Teggeman