An RV Down By The River

7:24 a.m. Someone called 911, said “hello” and then hung up.

7:25 a.m. A dog kept chasing cars on McMannamy Draw.

7:27 a.m. Two Kalispell men were dragging tires around. Someone thought it looked pretty suspicious.

9:18 a.m. A Columbia Falls resident was allegedly selling a lot of drugs on Shadow Wood Drive.

10 a.m. The employee of an Evergreen business reported that there was a man with his head stuck in a fence out back. Upon further investigation, the man’s head was not stuck; he was just digging a hole. He was asked to fill in the hole in and move elsewhere.

10:04 a.m. A Marion resident found his neighbor’s 3-year-old girl sitting in the street for the second time in two days.

10:06 a.m. A Columbia Falls man’s ex-girlfriend apparently stole all of his stuff and took it to the pawnshop.

12:04 p.m. Two shady people were hanging out on Shady Lane.

12:39 p.m. A man in a car with Washington plates was driving all over the road.

1:03 p.m. A television news reporter called with questions.

2:02 p.m. Filthy horses were reported along Trumble Creek Road.

2:48 p.m. A Kalispell man hit happy hour a little too early and was stumbling along the road.

3:16 p.m. A woman accused someone at airport security of stealing her gun.

3:58 p.m. A Kalispell woman called with concerns about an abandoned RV down by the river. She told law enforcement that if the river rose any more, the vehicle would be floating downstream. Upon further investigation, law enforcement found that it was already surrounded by water and that there wasn’t much they could do about it besides hope the water went down.

4:26 p.m. Two men in Somers were screaming and cussing at each other. One of them was armed with a weed whacker.

5:16 p.m. Squatters were reportedly living in a Kalispell gazebo.

5:22 p.m. A man who was pulled out of the river by sheriff’s deputies the other day called dispatch to see if they had also happened to grab his knives.

6:47 p.m. A Columbia Falls man heard that his son had run away and was now living in the Canyon.