Quist in Lock Step with Liberal Democrats

Rob Quist stands with Nancy Pelosi

By Keith Regier

Rob Quist wants us to believe he is a different kind of Democrat, but his positions on the issues that matter tell a different story. From taxes to Obamacare, from our national security to our nation’s growing debt or even to our precious natural resources, Rob Quist is in lock step with liberal Democrats in Washington.

Even as premiums skyrocket, Rob Quist stands with Nancy Pelosi in defending Obamacare. While our nation continues to drown in uncontrollable debt, Quist believes in failed liberal policies that say we can tax and spend our way to prosperity. Where Quist does not want money spent, however, is in energy. Rob Quist shares Nancy Pelosi’s view that coal plants should be shut down, which would leave hundreds of hardworking Montanans without jobs.

It is more than clear that Rob Quist is just another liberal Democrat out of touch with our state. His ideology will create more dependency on government instead of prosperity. Montanans do not need a California-style Democrat who will over-promise and under-deliver. On critical issues facing our country, it’s clear where Rob Quist stands on the issues: right next to Nancy Pelosi.

Keith Regier, state senator