Trump’s Lack of Respect for the Office

A clever student learns from their mistake, a wise one learns from the mistakes of others

By Bob Petersen

I’m getting old, but it seems to me about the same time we were deregulating the energy industry the first go-round, and we deregulated ourselves out of all those Montana Power jobs and the Columbia Falls aluminum jobs and timber jobs all over the state, the Republicans were telling us to be patient, cut taxes a little bit further on those poor struggling rich people and mana would begin to fall from heaven.

Got the same promises in 2000. Now we’re getting them again – don’t worry about debt, be patient. What was that saying Dubya was trying to tell us? “Fooled me once, won’t get fooled again … heh heh heh.” It’s becoming obvious Republicans are just really bad at their jobs. It’s not that they are enacting policies that just don’t work, it’s that they just aren’t getting anything done. Oh, they have passed a few obstructive bills to cripple already passed legislation but they haven’t done anything new. They are demonstrating that despite the promises of a better idea for healthcare for years when it gets down to it they have to admit the Heritage Foundation/Cato Institute-inspired ACA is the Republican idea. Single-payer was and is the Democratic plan, aka Medicare. Actually here’s a GOP nightmare – at birth you are registered for healthcare, voting and the draft, one form, five minutes and you’re done. But back to the GOP: What Trump meant when he said “I thought this would be a lot easier” was “I thought I could just tell everybody what to do and they would have to do it!” We have a deranged buffoon in charge of the most powerful organization in the world and it’s staffed from top to bottom with complete incompetent and morally bankrupt dummies, some actually malicious to the idea of governing. The amount of damage being done to the nation and the basic respect for the office these individuals occupy will take years to repair if it can be done. I have nightmares of this being the thing that finally ends our empire. Wait, that’s my American dream.

A clever student learns from their mistake, a wise one learns from the mistakes of others.

Bob Petersen

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