U.S. Optics Moving Headquarters to Kalispell

Firearms optics company to move after being purchased by veteran-owned Down Range Solutions Group

By Molly Priddy

U.S. Optics, a leader in the firearms optics industry, is relocating its headquarters from Southern California to Kalispell after the company was purchased by Down Range Solutions Group.

The company will continue doing business as U.S. Optics, according to a press release, and will manufacture and assemble optics for firearms.

“U.S. Optics will continue to serve our loyal customers in the precision and tactical shooting communities while we work to satisfy the precision optics needs of the military and law enforcement personnel,” said Down Range Solutions Group President and former Green Beret, Pat Harrigan.

Harrigan has appointed Kevin “Chief” Peterson as COO of U.S. Optics.

Down Range Solutions Group is a veteran owned and operated company that provides advanced and dependable products on the market for military, law enforcement and civilian customers.