Explore: Begg Dog Park

Park celebrated grand opening on Sept. 17

Kalispell’s first off-leash dog park celebrated its grand opening on Sept. 17, to the delight of residents, visitors and the canine versions of both.

Begg Dog Park is the culmination of years of work from Paws to Play, a local nonprofit that spearheaded the park’s creation, and a partnership with the City of Kalispell.

Located on the south side of Kalispell across the street from the Kalispell Lakers baseball fields, Begg Park has 6.24 acres that include existing amenities such as a gazebo, playground and basketball court, as well as parking. The designated dog park encompasses a 3.5-acre section, while the court, gazebo and other amenities remain intact outside the fenced area.

Dog park amenities include waste-disposal stations, benches and future water features. Dog-play areas include different spaces for the big critters and their smaller friends.

For more information, visit www.pawstoplay.org.

Getting there: Take Airport Road until you hit Begg Park Drive. This works for both northerly and southerly approaches to the park.