President Trump Shouldn’t be Lecturing Anyone About Patriotism

Trump did not have the courage to stand up and serve his country

By Jack Thomson

Let me start by stating that I am a firm believer in the First Amendment. I believe that President Donald Trump has a right to say what he wants (within certain limits). These rights also belong to any other citizen of the United States (again with limits).

That having been said, people of the U.S. and especially veterans should be irate about Donald Trump lecturing anyone concerning patriotism and respect for the flag. Trump did not have the courage to stand up and serve his country. He instead used his wealth and privilege to take the coward’s dodge by getting some doctor to write a letter getting him out of the draft. (I am a Vietnam-era veteran and saw this dodge time and again, as I am sure did many of my fellow vets).

Donald Trump wants to wrap himself in the flag and disparage Americans exercising their right of free speech. As a draft dodger Trump has no moral standing to weigh in on matters of patriotism. Not to me, other vets, or parents, grandparents, wives, sisters, brothers, etc. who had a family member who volunteered or was drafted and may have been killed, wounded, captured or is still listed as missing in action.

I don’t always agree with what some people are saying or their methods of protest, but I went and served my country to defend those rights. Trump did not!

Jack Thomson

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