Priest’s Fishing Gear Stolen from Vehicle Near Butte Church

Priest figures the gear he'd accumulated over the past decade was worth about $3,000

By Molly Priddy

BUTTE — A newly-ordained Roman Catholic priest’s fishing gear was stolen from a vehicle parked outside a church in Butte.

The Rev. Kirby Longo told The Montana Standard that the thieves also cleaned out his glove compartment and middle console. Longo says he may have left his back window open after he finished loading his gear Tuesday night for a Wednesday fishing trip with friends he met at seminary.

When he walked outside Wednesday morning, everything was gone, including a bike lock and cleaning supplies. The fishing trip was canceled.

He figures the gear he’d accumulated over the past decade was worth about $3,000. The flies that were stolen were ones he’d tied himself.

A friend of Longo’s contacted the newspaper.

Longo says he plans to check pawn shops for his gear.