Save Our Public Lands

Be active in the fight to save the lands

By Marissa Meadowcroft

In April of 2017, an executive order was passed and tasked to Secretary of the Interior Ryan Zinke. His job was to review over two dozen National Monuments and decide which were worthy of keeping their classification and which were to be opened to the risk of mining, logging, drilling, and purchase by private companies.

Most people in the western United States can say they know someone employed in public lands. Whether they maintain trails, teach fishing or hiking lessons, or are custodians of ranger stations. Particularly in the West, unemployment levels have potential to skyrocket, depending on if the National Monuments in question are delisted or not.

The West is the region of the United States whose employment most depends on the availability of public lands employment, but this crisis affects every region. If the remaining ten National Monuments are delisted, the chances that they will be all slowly transitioned into private lands that are ravaged by capitalist greed and inevitable destructive.

There is a way that you, however, can help save our public lands and keep them as natural as they are meant to be. Be active in the fight to save the lands! Sign petitions, raise awareness, send letters to Secretary Zinke, do all that you can to protect the wilderness that needs your help!

Marissa Meadowcroft
Adel, Iowa

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