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Bozeman Hunter Shoots, Kills 500-pound Female Grizzly Bear

Montana Fish, Wildlife and Parks says the Saturday shooting was in self-defense

GREAT FALLS — Montana wildlife officials say a Bozeman hunter shot and killed a female grizzly bear after it charged at them.

The Great Falls Tribune reports the initial investigation by the Montana Fish, Wildlife and Parks shows the Saturday shooting was in self-defense.

Grizzly Bear Management Specialist Wesley Sarmento says the 500-pound female bear began charging after the hunter shot a pheasant outside of Pendroy, a community located 79 miles (127 kilometers) northwest of Great Falls.

According to Sarmento, the bear had initially charged at a dog but later turned its attention to the hunter.

Sarmento says the hunter shot the bear in the chest and face.

Wildlife officers say the female bear had three 10-month-old cubs that have low chances of survival without their mother.