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Locally Produced Christmas Album Now Available

Indulge your naughty side with these adult holiday tunes

The holidays are a time when the words “naughty” and “nice” get thrown around, usually with the goal of finding the nice and avoiding the naughty.

However, the Christmess Carolers, in collaboration with Viscosity Theatre & Cabaret and BearHat Productions, want to bring out the season’s naughty side with a new album of holiday songs with a funny, adult twist called “The Naughty List.”

Twelve songs running 38 minutes parody the holidays, and plenty of the Flathead’s favorites are involved, including Nick Spear, Rebecca Spear, Luke Walrath, Coco Collette, Mike Eldred, David Blair, Mikey Winn, Halladay Quist, Eric Kanter, David Ackroyd, and more.

With songs like “Black Friday,” “Isle of Misfit Adult Toys,” and “Do You Hear What I See,” it promises to fulfill the mirth and laughter portions of your holiday season. The album is available on iTunes, Apple Music, Amazon, Spotify, and in limited release CDs.