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Libby Man Arrested After Law Enforcement Finds Mobile Meth Lab in Evergreen

Lab was found parked in front of Evergreen Kmart

A Libby man was arrested after being found with a “mobile meth lab” in Evergreen early Monday morning, according to Sheriff Chuck Curry.

The man will be charged with felony criminal production of dangerous drugs. He has not been formally charged and has not yet been identified.

According to Curry, a sheriff’s deputy found the man sitting inside a vehicle in right front of the Evergreen Kmart doors at about 1:30 a.m. Monday. The officer approached the vehicle and saw the makings of a methamphetamine laboratory inside the vehicle.

The man was placed under arrest and a warrant was obtained to search the car. An out-of-state Drug Enforcement Administrator contractor was called in to help clean the scene. Curry said mobile methamphetamine labs are often “volatile and dangerous,” hence the need to have a certified contractor clean up the vehicle.

Kmart remained open on Monday and used an alternative entrance during the cleanup, which took most of the day.