Greed Prevents Sensible Gun Policy

America worships money

By Paul Maurer

The elephant in the room regarding sensible gun policy in America: money. America worships money. We also have a political system where we allow pretty much unrestricted lobbying and unrestricted political term limits. Therefore, super wealthy lobbying organizations like the NRA and big corporations “buy” our politicians with huge sums of money, and the senators and representatives do what they’re told. We will never see significant change in this country until we outlaw lobbying “gifts” and restrict our politicians to one, maybe two terms, as we do with the presidency. And while we’re at it, let’s have our politicians be required to buy the same health insurance the rest of us have.

Capitalism can work, but it has to be sensibly socially restricted or greed takes over. And when greed wins, most of us suffer.

Paul Maurer

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