Thoughts on the Helena Gun Rally

Close to 100 percent of mass murders occur in gun-free zones

By Annie Bukacek

The Helena March for Our Guns Rally on March 24 emphasized the following: school gun-free zones make our children more vulnerable. Community safety is proportional to the number of law-abiding citizens carrying guns. Our right of self-protection comes from God. Montanans will defend that right codified in our Bill of Rights that says our right to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed.

Close to 100 percent of mass murders occur in gun-free zones. The Mandalay Bay concert, San Bernardino county building, Orlando nightclub, Charleston church, etc., were all gun-free zones. Criminals target gun-free zones knowing they won’t encounter armed resistance. Such zones are not only an infringement on our right to bear arms, but they don’t keep us safe.

The vast majority of people with mental health issues don’t kill people. Background checks cannot accurately predict who might kill; by design, they give power to bureaucrats to destroy citizens’ expression of rights without due process. Red flag laws in other states are already depriving people of their right to due process.

Elite level gun grabbers and low level minions like Gov. Steve Bullock know precisely what they are doing. As much government overreach as Bullock has brought to Montana during his terms, his ultimate spine-tingling level tyranny cannot occur until citizens’ guns are taken.

Gun grabbers manipulate misinformed people into marching for gun restrictions based on short-sighted emotions rather than historical/cross cultural examination of the consequences of restrictions. We cannot afford to lose any part of the Bill of Rights that have protected citizens from governmental tyranny for more than 200 years. Montanans have been patient to this point, and I recommend the powers that be leave us alone. I stand in agreement with my pastor when he says, if government makes my AR15 illegal, then I will be an outlaw.

Annie Bukacek

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