Rosendale Has Shown True Colors

He is throwing away all the values Montanans hold dear

By Edd Blackler

Matt Rosendale has just barely been elected state insurance commissioner, and now he thinks he deserves to be a Montana senator. But if he makes it any further in this race, Montanans will soon realize that Rosendale doesn’t stand for anyone but himself.

Here in Montana, we help each other out. It doesn’t matter if you’re a Republican or a Democrat – if it’s below-zero and your neighbor’s car won’t start, you give them a jump. But Rosendale hasn’t seemed to pick up on that yet in his scramble from political office to political office in Montana. Instead, Rosendale has played political games with the health care of the people he was elected to represent, voted to make it easier to take public lands out of public hands, and is sitting firmly in the pockets of outside interests who have pledged to buy this election.

We don’t call him Maryland Matt because he was born in Maryland. We call him Maryland Matt because despite running for office in Montana, he is throwing away all the values Montanans hold dear. We are all public lands owners, but Matt has tried to transfer them away from us. Instead of his campaign being fueled by grassroots Montanans, his campaign is being propped up by millionaires like Mitch McConnell, Steve Bannon, and billionaires from Chicago. Matt even voted against protections for children who were victims of human trafficking in Montana – who does that?

Matt has shown us his true colors, and they don’t belong in Big Sky Country. This November, I’m voting for a true Montanan at the ballot box: Sen. Jon Tester, the trumpet player, not the “Trumpster.”

Edd Blackler

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