A Vote For Our Livelihoods

Vote FOR the Egan Slough Initiative 17-01

By Jenna McCrorie

In a time when our world is constantly being depleted of its natural resources and trampled upon by money-hungry corporations, local action to preserve our own ecosystems becomes paramount in initiating meaningful change. Arguably one of the most pressing environmental issues in the Flathead Valley has been the possible creation of a water bottling plant near Creston that would draw 230 millions gallons of water per year in order to bottle 1.5 billion plastic bottles of water per year. While it has been stated that this bottling plant is simply a “family” endeavor, it is imperative to actually analyze the effects of such a plant being built.

In addition to adding billions more plastic bottles into circulation, the plant would draw down the well levels of up to 2,000 surrounding properties all around the plant and discharge untreated bottle rinse water containing toxic residue into the nearby Flathead River, consequently threatening the diverse aquatic ecosystems in the waterway. Numerous experts and agencies have found that the plant will inevitably draw down springs, sloughs, and other local surface water such as pothole lakes and wetlands. This would irreparably damage the surrounding ecosystems, as well as local residents’ ability to enjoy the water for recreation.

It is imperative that residents all across Flathead County stand up for their natural resources and their livelihoods by voting FOR the Egan Slough Initiative 17-01 on June 5, 2018. This vote would be representative of our community’s commitment to their land, as well as finishing out the fight that over 12,000 county voters stood behind with the recent petition. Every voice counts, and a vote FOR the expansion of the Slough is a vote FOR our farms, FOR our water, and FOR our livelihoods. This is a call to action.

Jenna McCrorie

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