Garner’s Big Government, Pork Barrel Fans

Vote For Bob Welzel House District 7

By Annie Bukacek

It is no surprise, the people who write letters in support of Gas Tax Frank Garner. The short list reads like a who’s who of RINO Republicans and Democrats who support bloated government overreach and crony capitalism. They benefit financially and otherwise by their association with Garner, the master of pork barrel backroom deals that benefit the well-connected and hurt the rest of us. If Garner were an honest man, he would run as a socialist Democrat on a campaign platform of raising taxes and expanding government that matches his voting record. His clearly demonstrated lack of character does not seem to faze those who support him. I am hoping and praying most voters do care. The verdict is already in on Garner based on layers of evidence available to the public. If he wins, it is an indictment on the electorate. Gas Tax Garner has an opponent who will vote as he campaigns. Vote For Bob Welzel House District 7.

Annie Bukacek

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