Paul Sullivan for Justice of the Peace

Paul is a family man, and a person given to public service and the community’s well-being

By Rand Robbin

Come the June primary, voters will elect Flathead County’s next Justice of the

Peace. Two persons have filed for the position, and I shall vote for attorney Paul Sullivan, whom I consider the best prepared and most experienced candidate. Hopefully, my description of Paul will energize Election Day turnout, prompt undecided voters to participate, and confirm Sullivan’s preparation for a judgeship.

I have known his ancestry since before there was a Paul Sullivan. As expected, the Kalispell attorney of today has followed by example, the honorable, dedicated and trustworthy citizenship native to his family – whose members are known for hard work, due diligence, and not allowing a task to be sidelined.

Paul is a family man, and a person given to public service and the community’s well-being. He has served on the Bigfork School Board and shares his enthusiasm for athletics as a respected coach and tireless promoter of high school tennis.

In regard to Sullivan’s practice of law, as a general practitioner his legal experience is broadly based and suited to any legal matter that may come before him. Known for his fair and appropriate decision-making, Paul Sullivan has served in the absence of municipal judges in Whitefish, Columbia Falls, and Kalispell. Additionally, his experience as a fill-in judge as Flathead County Justice of the Peace, substantiates his knowledge of the work load, as well as the pressures native to the position. In other words, he comes before the voter pre-trained and bench-ready.

Rand Robbin

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