First Responders for Brian Heino for Sheriff

There is a particular group of neighbors who encourage you to vote for Brian Heino

By Various First Responders

Another election season is upon us and the citizens of Flathead County are being called upon to decide, among other races, who they want for their next sheriff. There is a particular group of neighbors who encourage you to vote for Brian Heino for sheriff of Flathead County. That group is made up of Flathead County’s local first responders. They have read this letter and given their names in approval of it supporting for Brian Heino for sheriff. This group of people work and have worked alongside Brian and witnessed his leadership ability firsthand and they are asking you to vote Heino for sheriff.

As industry professionals, we can say more than any other candidate, Brian has the focus, the resolve, and the experience needed to bring value, integrity, and effectiveness to the sheriff’s office. Often in politics words like that are thrown around flippantly, but examples are hard to find. Ask the first responders who support Brian and they will give you examples of what he has done in and around their respective agencies to improve response times, effectiveness, and taxpayer value.

Hopefully, as a resident of Flathead County you know someone in the first responder community you can ask why we support Heino for sheriff. You may know us as law enforcement officers, firefighters, emergency medical technicians, search and rescue personnel, and others. Ask us about what Brian has done for this county and will do as our sheriff. We’d be glad to tell you.

Bradley Beaulieu,Kalispell

Andrew Yuasa-Green,Bigfork

Chris Roberts,Bigfork

Nelson Grant, Columbia Falls

Jan Roth, Columbia Falls

Kim Vierra, Kalispell

Lon Blanc, Whitefish

Tyler Johnson, Lakeside

Nick Fister, Kalispell

Marquis Laude, Marion

Diane Phillips, Marion

Luke Smith, Lakeside

Karen Michels, Kalispell

Charles Williams, Kalispell

Anthony Robinson, Kalispell

James Dion, Lakeside

Andy Upton, Columbia Falls

Justin Turner, Kalispell

Rick Upton, Columbia Falls

McKenna Harvey, Columbia Falls

Jordan Beaulieu, Kalispell

Andy Doyle, Columbia Falls

Sam Nunnally, Kalispell

Jon Rashleigh-Kalispell

Deb Sullivan, Columbia Falls

Nathan Richardson, Kalispell

Alan Brooks, Columbia Falls

Caleb Pleasants, Kalispell

Jeff Perry, Kalispell

Logan Shawback, Kalispell

Travis Smith, Kalispell

Matt Vanderark, Somers

Jessie Olsen, Kalispell

Colt Hicks, Marion

Scott McConnell, Kalispell

Chris Fraser, Kalispell

Doug Petch, Kalispell

Nathan Russell, Lakeside

Chris Johnston, Kalispell

Ron Ekert, Kalispell

Bob Lee, Bigfork

Mandi Perry, Kalispell

Jeff Perry, Kalispell

Josh Buls, Kalispell

Chris Roberts, Kalispell

Tracy DeBuys, Kalispell

Dustin Andersen, Kalispell

Kristi Massey, Kalispell

Nora Bledsoe, Kalispell

Wendy Upton, Columbia Falls

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