Hecla is Not a Bad Actor

You have proven your poor leadership

By Robin A. Benson

I find it disheartening that our own governor that represents the citizens of Montana has saddled alongside those that continue to block all efforts for resource extraction in Montana. Your recent agreement with Earthjustice’s claim that Hecla Mining is in violation of Montana’s Bad Actor statute has proven your poor leadership; instead of fighting for us, you have chosen to be submissive by aiding the extremists, not allowing small local governments any recourse for resource extraction in Montana.

I have recently learned that Hecla Mining has operated throughout the world for 127 years, indicative of their dedication to environmental responsibilities and we are proud to partner with them. As a citizen of Lincoln County, I feel very relieved that a company with Hecla’s long-term experience has chosen to invest heavily into our community and are committed to working towards development of the Montanore and Rock Creek mines.

Most of us in Lincoln County are environmentalists and conservationists, wanting clean air, clean water and abundant wildlife. Most “Acts,” though well intended, are now manipulated and used as a source of litigation tools. Montanore has stricter water regulations upon them than what is regulated for human consumption. Grizzly Bear habitat is severely weakened by the very people who use the grizzly bear as its litigation tool.

The erosion of truth leads to continued lawlessness and now our own governor is a contributing factor to that erosion.

As a citizen it would be easy for me to remain silent and complacent but as Martin Luther King Jr. stated, “Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter.”

I find your leadership very alarming and offensive to the citizens of Lincoln County and the state of Montana.

Robin A. Benson

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