Jay is the Candidate Who’s Different

I believe Jay will work for us

By Steve Twet

Enough politicians already. What have politicians really done for any of us? And that’s exactly who we have running in our county commission race.

One candidate spent years in the state Legislature accomplishing what? So ask yourself how well does Helena seem to work? If anything over the past eight years Helena looks more and more like Washington, D.C. instead of Montana.

Then we have our current commissioner running as a candidate once again. Someone who initially ran as one of us and became one of them right before our very eyes. Someone who we thought was going to be a fiscal conservative yet he oversaw numerous spending projects take place. The county has to spend money in order to maintain the services it provides. But heated sidewalks? A sky bridge to nowhere? How many of these projects actually came in on time and on budget? Oh I forgot he did go along with giving away our water rights.

There is actually one candidate in the race who is different. That candidate is Gerald “Jay” Scott. Jay is one of us. He’s someone who knows what it’s like to work within a budget. Someone who knows that dollars have to be spent but they must be spent wisely. Someone who makes sure that you get your dollars worth when you spend it.

I believe Jay will work for us and by us I mean all of us. We have proof of that because he’s already worked for us once as manager of the fairgrounds.

Politicians don’t really make a difference. But I believe that Gerald “Jay” Scott will and that’s why I’m going to vote for him and you should too.

Steve Twet

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