Brodehl Would be Asset to Flathead County

I can’t remember a day when Randy was not at the capitol doing his job

By Keith Regier

I had the honor of serving in the Montana Legislature with Randy Brodehl. He served four terms in the House of Representatives representing the Evergreen and NE Kalispell area. Randy was a four-term member of the powerful House Appropriations Committee that deals with the state’s budget. Fiscal responsibility was always a priority for him. He held department directors accountable for budget requests and didn’t just give them a blank check. I observed his positive treatment of others and how he received respect from legislators on both sides of the aisle; even though they didn’t always agree with him; and he was always respectful of other’s point of view. He sponsored bills that would save taxpayers money as well as bills that protected our constitutional rights. I am confident that Randy would bring those same fiscally responsible values to the Flathead County budget as well as protecting constitutional rights of Flathead citizens. I can’t remember a day when Randy was not at the capitol doing his job. He would do the same with being a commissioner. He would be a full-time commissioner; not off farming or doing a side job instead of tending to county business. Randy Brodehl would be an asset to Flathead County. Join me in voting Brodehl for commissioner in the June primary election.

Sen. Keith Regier