Voting Yes for Flathead Farms and Water

Please vote FOR 17-01

By Roger Sherman

Our clean water should be a non-partisan issue. Contrary to the myth, water is not a renewable resource. If we pollute our most important resource we can not bring it back to its former status. Here are a few points to consider:

The proposed water bottling plant would produce and rinse 1.2 billion plastic bottles a year. This bottle cleaning produces chemicals that go directly into the Flathead River and will destroy fish and other aquatic species.

The proposed water bottling plant would draw down more than 2,000 wells of neighbors and some of Kalispell residents’ wells.

The proposed water bottling plant would be the size of a Super Walmart and more than 12,000 petition signers showed their opposition to this facility

Lastly the water bottling plant would run 24/7, 365 days a year pumping more than 230 millions gallons of water generating traffic and dust, to send water out state and it is free water for the owners.

Please vote FOR 17-01.

Roger Sherman

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