Tester Doing His Job

Tester has worked diligently since his first election to the Senate to improve the VA system

By Scott Wheeler

I read a recent news story that said President Donald Trump is critical of Montana Sen. Jon Tester for doing his job as one of two senior senators on the Senate Veterans’ Affairs Committee. The president is trying to bully Tester for properly doing his job on the committee. That job is to ensure that the Veterans’ Affairs agency is led by a person with the experience and competence to run an agency that has an annual budget of over $200 billion, and which provides care to our nation’s veterans in a system of hospitals and clinics across the country.

Tester has worked diligently since his first election to the Senate to improve the VA system of clinics and hospitals around the country. He has worked cooperatively with the Republicans on the Veterans’ Affairs Committee, and at least 11 bipartisan bills sponsored by Tester have been passed by a GOP-controlled Senate and signed by President Trump. He gets things done while avoiding the spotlight or grandstand (or Twitter).

Tester and his colleagues on the VA committee passed the VA Accountability Act, ensuring that VA administrators and staff do their jobs. He has worked successfully to establish VA clinics in places like Kalispell, Butte, and Havre to serve Montana veterans. Jon Tester cares deeply about the men and women who have served our great nation and, instead of posturing, he has rolled up his sleeves and worked with anyone willing to improve our nation.

As a Vietnam combat veteran who served in the active Army for 30 years, I deeply admire and appreciate Tester for the results he gets, and the way he works cooperatively with anyone willing to get things done. Thanks, Senator Tester!

Scott Wheeler

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