Matt Rosendale Will Take the Fight to DC

I know Matt is someone who gets things done

By Ted Cruz

Montana is one of our nation’s great treasures. Populated by people with dreams as big as the Rockies, and a fiercely independent spirit, Montana has much in common with the state of Texas. We want the freedom to pursue the American dream without government trying to run our lives.

My time in the U.S. Senate has taught me that preserving the liberty we prize requires constant diligence. I’ve also learned that far too often the only thing standing between the D.C. liberal elite’s disastrous agenda and our way of life, is a few senators with the courage to stand firm when it really counts.

That’s why I’m proud to endorse a courageous conservative like State Auditor Matt Rosendale for United States Senate. Matt has fought hard to shrink government and preserve liberty for Montanans during his time in the state Legislature, and more recently as state auditor. I know Matt is someone who gets things done, and he won’t shy away when it comes time to cast the tough votes.

It’s one thing to talk about cutting government spending, but Matt Rosendale has a proven record of real results. As a legislator, Matt voted to cut spending and balance the budget. As state auditor, he cut his operating costs by 23 percent, and refused a taxpayer funded pay hike when all other statewide elected officials took one.

We also need strong leadership when it comes to national security. I know Matt will never put up with policies, like President Barack Obama’s catastrophic Iran Deal, that make America weak. Matt knows that we shouldn’t be cutting deals with the world’s leading state sponsor of terror, nor should we be sending them billions of dollars.

Montanans should also be deeply concerned by efforts to take away our right to keep and bear arms. Right now, liberals are targeting magazine capacity, barrel length, and our concealed-carry rights. Those measures are just stepping stones on the path to their ultimate prize: outright elimination of the Second Amendment. Make no mistake, a free society exists only if its citizens have the means to exercise their God-given right to defend themselves. As the voices on the left continue to cry out for gun control, we need more strong leaders like Matt Rosendale, who are willing to stand up and defend our Constitutional rights.

Finally, we need Matt Rosendale in the U.S. Senate to help finish the job of repealing Obamacare. Matt brings an extensive understanding of health-care policy, a strong record of working to lower health-care costs, and a commitment to providing more affordable options for Montanans. Working together, we can rid the nation of this disastrous law and bring real reform that improves competition, choice, and access to truly affordable health care.

I hope you will join me and support Matt Rosendale in the Republican U.S. Senate primary. He’s the type of courageous conservative we need taking the fight to Washington.

Sen. Ted Cruz