Rosendale Sides with Corporations Over Families

Montanans are left at the mercy of politicians for lower health care costs

By Dawn Brennan

If you talk to just about any Montanan, they will be able to tell you about a time either they or someone they know struggled with medical expenses. It is an experience that we can almost universally find common ground on – so why is it that Matt Rosendale used his role as state insurance commissioner to rubber-stamp health care cost increases, instead of fighting to keep costs down for Montana families?

As Montana’s insurance commissioner, Rosendale’s chief responsibility is to oversee Montana’s insurance companies – and that, of course, includes health insurance. But when Rosendale was faced with either approving or denying enormous health insurance rate hikes of up to 23 percent in the state of Montana, he chose to sit idly by instead of fighting for Montanans. As Montanans faced yet another rise in their medical costs, Rosendale kicked up his heels and did nothing.

This strikes a meaningful contrast to our very own Sen. Jon Tester, who has fought to reduce health care costs for Montanans since he was first elected as a state senator of Montana. Jon helped to create a children’s health care program when he was in the Montana state Legislature, and he has continued that work until this day. In this Congress alone, Jon has introduced seven bills to improve the health care system and reduce costs for Montanans! Why have they not been put to a vote?

Montanans are left at the mercy of politicians for lower health care costs. Matt Rosendale has proven that when faced with protecting health insurance companies or protecting Montanans, he will choose the corporations and abandon working-class families. I want a senator who is willing to go to bat for me. Rosendale has never been that candidate.

Dawn Brennan
Columbia Falls

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