Rosendale Can’t Avoid Defending His Record

He should re-evaluate if he has what it takes to be a senator for Montana

By Terry Browning

For Matt Rosendale to bail on the first debate of the campaign is one thing. For him to back out of the debate because he was too busy fundraising from Washington lobbyists to prepare to talk about the issues is another thing altogether. If Rosendale feels more comfortable asking for money on the East Coast than debating the issues in front of Montana voters, he should re-evaluate if he has what it takes to be a senator for Montana.

For all of the big game Rosendale talks about the “swamp” and Washington, he sure seems comfortable taking the workweek to vacation there. Even throughout the primary, almost all of Rosendale’s support and endorsers were from out of state. Mitch McConnell’s super PAC, a Koch Brothers interest group, Steve Bannon — the list goes on and on, and they have already dumped millions of dollars into this state to try and boost Matt Rosendale (who barely won his primary after nearly two-thirds of Republican voters voted against him).

It doesn’t seem like the general election will be much different. At the time of writing this letter, Rosendale had been a candidate in the general election for 10 days — and he had spent one-third of them raising money from DC lobbyists. Well, Rosendale can’t avoid defending his record to Montanans forever. Soon, he’ll have to debate Jon face-to-face, and things aren’t looking great for Rosendale if he’s already running scared.

Terry Browning

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