Real Estate Market Trends

Flathead home sales: When do they actually go under contract?

By Richard Dews
© Copyright 2018 by Richard Garrett Dews. All rights reserved.

Once a home purchase contract has been negotiated and accepted, it’s usually another 45-60 days to close. Buyers and sellers focus on that closing date, as the catharsis to move and recommence their lives. Each is also keenly interested in the timing of going under contract: is the market activity peak ahead or behind us? Which months see increased or diminishing contracts; when should I expect greater or lesser competition or choices?

Let’s look, for once, not at the sold volume by month and original list price range, but instead at contract volume. See the chart for the past 12 months breakdown.

Richard Dews is CEO of Glacier Flathead Real Estate, a Flathead-based real estate software and services company.