Gianforte Gives Montanans a Voice

We must re-elect Greg Gianforte

By Fred Hammel

Two years ago, Montanans voted to elect President Donald Trump because we were tired of career politicians who vote against our Montana values. We then elected Congressman Greg Gianforte to work with President Trump and Sen. Steve Daines to fulfill their promises to Montanans, and that’s exactly what Gianforte has done.

Kathleen Williams’ radical socialist policies are an indictment against Montana’s farmers, veterans, seniors, businesses and families. Unlike Kathleen Williams’ dictatorial approach to governing, Greg Gianforte has a record of listening to Montanans and partnering with President Trump to bring our Montana issues to the forefront of Congress. Because of his citizen-first approach to public service, in his first two months in office, Greg visited all 56 counties to listen to Montanans and make sure their voices were heard in D.C. Greg heard from folks all across the state that they support President Trump’s agenda. We must re-elect Greg Gianforte because he gives people from each corner of our state a voice in D.C. – and he’ll do whatever it takes to make sure we are heard.

Fred Hammel