Tester Does Not Represent Montana Values

For the past 12 years, Jon Tester has voted for the liberal agenda

By Curt Elam

Sen. Jon Tester represents wacky liberals instead of Montana. Don’t believe that? Let’s just look at his voting record since he’s been in the US Senate.

According to ProPublica, a non-partisan vote tracker, Jon Tester (also known as Chuck Schumer Jr.) votes with liberal Elizabeth Warren 86 percent of the time. Tester votes the same way as socialist Bernie Sanders 88% of the time. His vote is the same as ultra-liberal Chuck Schumer even more than that, 89% of the time. Meanwhile, according to FiveThirtyEight, another independent vote tracker, Two-Faced Tester votes against the Trump agenda 63 percent of the time. Make America Great Again is far more than just a slogan but is a goal that President Donald Trump believes and is truly trying to accomplish, and Jon Tester wants to stop that from happening. That is typical leftist liberal behavior and needs to be stopped.

For the past 12 years, Jon Tester has voted for the liberal agenda. He does not represent Montana, but instead votes, however, Chuck Schumer tells him to. The numbers do not lie. It’s time that we send someone to Washington who represents our Montana values. That’s why we need to elect Matt Rosendale in November!

Curt Elam