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NorthWestern Energy Looking to Protect Towers from Waters

Floodwaters toppled three power poles last year over Clark Fork River

MISSOULA — NorthWestern Energy is looking to move six towers that support a key 210,000-volt transmission line over Clark Fork River after seeing floodwater push three power poles over last spring.

The Missoulian reports NorthWestern Energy Transmission Engineer Joe Wulf said Tuesday that the overhead transmission line is an extremely important facility to the company.

He says the company has lost the line in the past and it’s been out for several months.

Wulf says the company has spent over $100,000 to get that line back up.

The six-single poles will be made of weathered steel that will be mounted on concrete shafts drilled into the ground.

Wulf says the new towers will be able to withstand high winds and ice loading.

They will be high enough to allow trees to grow underneath.