2018 General Election Q & A: House District 9

Republican David Dunn vs. Democrat Robert Petersen

By Tristan Scott
Republican David Dunn

Editor’s Note: Democrat Robert Petersen did not respond to the Beacon’s questionnaire.

1.  How do you intend to balance the state budget?

2. What taxes are you willing to increase, if any?

3. Are there any services you are willing to cut?

4. How do you plan to foster economic growth in the Flathead Valley?

5. What role should state government play in managing federal public lands, and how should those management activities be funded?

6. What are the most urgent issues facing your district?

Name: David Dunn

Age: 30

Occupation: Farm owner, DW Organics LLC

Political Experience: None

Political Affiliation: Republican

Place of Residence: Farm to Market Road, Whitefish

1. I will work with the conservative caucus to curtail our spending problem in Helena. Philosophically I favor an improved business regulatory environment to improve revenues. I’m certain there are redundancies in our state budget that can be eliminated.

2. I don’t support tax increases. Our nation has a spending problem. We are seeing record revenues from the taxpayer on a federal level. Increasing taxes is not the answer.

3. The commissioner of political practices. Montana health centers operated by “Carehere!” Medicaid expansion. Every non-essential service deserves being looked at. As a prospective freshman legislator I truthfully have a lot to learn. I will rely on trusted conservative voices in the legislature if I have the opportunity to serve district 9.

4. Support our logging industry with appropriate legislation. Weyerhaeuser is an important employer in my district. Our state is rich with natural resources and opportunity but I see mismanagement from Helena and Washington. We can harvest and maintain our public lands without destroying the health of the ecosystem. A selective harvest (think thinning) from forests actually creates a healthier environment.

5. Honestly the federal public lands have been mismanaged and ignored for decades. The state should assert its sovereignty and manage its own forests and lands. We as a state would have much greater revenues for our budget if we took back ownership. Locally managed lands are almost always better managed. Our counties and state government should be making the important decisions on land use, not federal bureaucracies. This question is a democrat talking point every election cycle but I believe the public lands will always remain public whether owned by our state or federal government. I think the true question is can we manage Montana better than Washington D.C. does. To answer your question more directly, I don’t believe the state has a responsibility to pay for land management when it doesn’t have ownership of federal land.

6. Everyone I speak to is usually upset with their consistent increases in property taxes. I see it as my responsibility to defend the taxpayer against government that only knows how to increase its spending. I believe it to be a huge blessing our state constitution mandates a balanced budget.

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