Hungry Horse Man Sentenced to Prison for Assault With a Weapon

Bryan McCully was arrested in December following a shooting

By Justin Franz

A 22-year-old Hungry Horse man was sentenced to 15 years in the Montana State Prison with 10 years suspended after pleading no contest to two charges of felony assault with a weapon.

Bryan McCully was arrested in December 2017 three months after a shooting in Hungry Horse.

According to court records, McCully was at a bar in Hungry Horse on Sept. 8, 2017 when he got into an argument with another patron. Eventually the bartender asked McCully to leave the bar and witnesses state the man was visibly angry and even threatened to “hurt” the other patron.

Later that night, the Flathead County Sheriff’s Office responded to a report of a shooting in Hungry Horse. Upon arrival, a man who had gotten into the argument with McCully earlier in the night said that someone had fired multiple rounds into his home. Law enforcement observed multiple bullet holes in the door, wall and windows. They also found at least 28 bullet casings outside that apparently had fallen from the gun used in the alleged attack.

Law enforcement talked to people in the area who reported seeing McCully near the house earlier in the night with an AR-15 rifle. Officers later found the weapon.

McCully was initially charged with attempted deliberate homicide and he pleaded not guilty to the charge in January. In July, McCully reached a plea deal pleaded no content to two charges of assault with a weapon.