Your Freedom is at Risk

I personally know the candidates in the upcoming statewide elections

By Verdell Jackson

Voting is our right and our obligation if we are to maintain our freedom. Television ads have very little accurate information and are dominated by character assassination and lies. The website: excellenceinvoting.org provides truthful election information.

I personally know the candidates in the upcoming statewide elections because I served with them in the Montana Legislature for 16 years. Matt Rosendale is a realtor and does not build houses or control the cost of insurance. He has done a great job on the land board. Jon Tester was an obstructionist and he pushed hard for more spending. He rated zero on moral issues and now has a “D” rating by the NRA. Greg Gianforte is presently working across the aisle in Washington D.C. to solve problems and fortunately does not vote for every spending bill. Kathleen Williams did not work across the aisle in Helena as she claims. She is too extreme.

At the local level, Bob Keenan, Randy Brodehl and Carl Glimm have shown that they are fiscally responsible and have the financial ability to analyze spending and eliminate waste in providing essential government services. Derek Skees, Mark Blasdel and Mark Nolan are experienced legislators who are helping to keep zebra mussels out of Flathead Lake and property taxes reasonable. John Fuller a teacher and constitutional scholar who believes the purpose of government is to protect the rights of all citizens and keep taxpayers’ burden light. Matt Regier has emphasized forest management to prevent forest fires, improve air quality and provide good paying jobs.

Cindy Dyson and Jerry O’Neil are our best choice to replace Dave Fern and Zac Perry who voted for the CSKT water compact which gave control of our water rights in western Montana to the federal government/tribe.

Please Vote “no” on I-185 and I-186. I-185 punishes smokers and adds money to a totally out-of-control health care system. I-186 was developed to end mining on the totally false premise that Montana does not take care of our water.

Verdell Jackson, former state senator

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