Tester is an Obstructionist to Trump Agenda

It is time for Sen. Tester to return to Big Sandy permanently

By Lynn Smith

In Sen. Tester’s latest political ad he touts himself as a Montana dirt farmer, and Rosendale as being a Maryland native, an easterner – in other words an outsider that no one should vote for. Isn’t it ironic the Democrats, who are always lecturing us about inclusivity, apparently think we shouldn’t vote for anyone who wasn’t born here? If he’s from the East, don’t vote for him, but by the way, we’re the party of open borders, abolishing ICE, mass amnesty for 20 million illegal aliens to broaden our voter base, and sanctuary cities where violent criminals roam free as long as they are here illegally.

Tester talks of Montana values; does he really think that the majority of Montanans favor any of the above Democratic agenda? Tester has been an obstructionist to most of President Trump’s agenda. Formerly an Obama yes man and now a lackey for Sen. Chuck Schumer, Tester just voted against Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh, a highly qualified jurist, because he doesn’t care what the people of Montana want, but what Schumer tells him is best for the Democratic Party.

Tester thinks that people are guilty when allegations are made, but never proved. He imposed this same new Democratic standard to Dr. Ronny Jackson, the president’s personal doctor. Tester blasted Jackson with unsubstantiated allegations when Jackson was nominated to head the VA. Dr. Jackson was a highly qualified battlefield doctor, but fell to the smear campaign championed by Tester, and in all likelihood orchestrated by Schumer. Tester’s vote against Kate’s Law confirmed for me that he is part of the Democratic cabal whose major interest is protecting illegal aliens regardless of their criminal record, at the expense of the safety of the American citizen. It is time for Sen. Tester to return to Big Sandy permanently.

Lynn Smith

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