Vote for JoBeth

JoBeth is a woman of action

By Lorri Nelson

I have known JoBeth Blair for 14 years and have been her real estate partner for most of them. I’ve always been impressed with her intelligence, her ability to concisely convey her thoughts on various matters and her compassion for others. When she first told me she was running for the Montana House, I was a little surprised, but I shouldn’t have been. She just isn’t a “sit on the sidelines and hope for the best” kind of person. She has always been knowledgeable and passionate about relevant issues and genuinely cares about taking care of our elderly and making sure our children are safe. She is a woman of action. A woman who deeply cares about Montana and its residents. And most of all, a person whom I have every confidence would do an incredibly good job for her district. If you live in House District 11 (Smith Valley, Kila, Foys Lake area, Lower Valley, Somers and Lakeside), I strongly urge you to vote for her! Be sure to vote on November 6th.

Lorri Nelson