A President Who Advocates Violence

There comes a point when you say, “I’ve seen (and heard) enough"

By Steve Paugh

Shame on you, Montana.

Specifically, those thousands of you who sent absentee ballots in last May voting for Greg Gianforte. When he assaulted a reporter the night before the election you may have felt a pang of remorse. What have we done? Would I have changed my vote if I had the time? Fast forward to Oct. 15, 2018, a new ballot arrives and you diligently ink in the oval next to the same Greg Gianforte. On Oct. 18 you find out that our president approves of his crime, saying “he’s one tough cookie.” Wow, you say, that’s a pretty un-presidential thing to say. Essentially Trump has defined himself as the Random Senseless Violence President (RSVP).

Now, project into the future and a relative, maybe one of your children, is confronted by a person empowered by the president’s conflict resolution skills and body slams that person. Just by chance a sharp object contacts the skull and that person dies. How could this happen, you cry, overcome with grief. But in the end you accept the blame as your own. It’s Trump and his barnacles like Gianforte that you allow to set the horrific tone. There comes a point when you say, “I’ve seen (and heard) enough.” That point in time is right now.

Steve Paugh
Martin City