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MDT Increases Speed Limit on U.S. 93 Bypass

Drivers can now go 60 mph on both ends of the bypass

Drivers on the U.S. Highway 93 bypass in Kalispell may have recently noticed that the speed limit has been increased from 55 miles per hour to 60 miles per hour. Ed Toavs, district administrator for the Montana Department of Transportation, said the speed limit was increased earlier this fall after the state transportation commission voted to approve the new limit in August.

Toavs said MDT officials settled on 60 miles per hour after conducting a speed study that gathered evidence about how fast most people were driving on the bypass, including the northern section that opened back in 2016. MDT consulted with the City of Kalispell and Flathead County prior to increasing the speed limit.

Officials wanted to maintain a consistent speed limit on both sections of the bypass. Toavs said when the southern end is eventually rebuilt to separated highway standards, like the north end is now, MDT will consider raising the speed limit again to 65 miles per hour.