An Awesome Solution to Climate Change

The Energy Innovation Act is good for people

By Robin Paone

With the latest IPCC (Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change) report I was again distressed over this big world problem. Yes, I can turn down the heat and take the bus, but my personal impact seems so small. Then I found a great solution.

In October Canada adopted the federal policy “Carbon Fee and Dividend.” It is based on the Citizens Climate Lobby (CCL) solution. Last month the Energy Innovation and Carbon Dividend Act, H.R. 7173, was introduced in our Congress, also based on CCL’s solution. The sponsors are Francis Rooney (R FL-19), Brian Fitzpatrick (R PA-08), and Dave Trott (R MI-11), Ted Deutch (D FL-22), John Delaney (D MD-06), Charlie Crist (D FL-13), Anna Eshoo (D CA-18) and Judy Chu (D CA-27).

It is easy to understand!

  1. Carbon fee: A low but rising fee on fossil fuels at the source (mine, well, port)
  2. Carbon dividend: Fees collected are paid back to all Americans (government does not keep)
  3. Border adjustment: A fee on carbon-intensive imports is paid back to U.S. businesses who export
  4. No additional regulations on CO2 as long as targets are being met

For details, see https://energyinnovationact.org.

So, how will this curb climate change? It is effective because companies are encouraged to seek cleaner, cheaper energy options, which reduce emissions. Import countries are encouraged to create their own carbon policy.

The Energy Innovation Act is good for people. It will create millions of additional U.S. jobs as the clean energy economy grows. Americans will get payments each month.

As I breathe in fresh cold air and view the beautiful Flathead blanketed in snow, it is painful to imagine shorter ski seasons and longer fire seasons. Be relieved. We have an awesome solution.

Robin Paone

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