The Real Solution to Climate Change

The real solution to climate change is better education

Those who work hard to address climate change do so because they sincerely believe (1) Our CO2 emissions cause the increase in CO2; (2) More CO2 warms the planet; (3) If the planet warms, bad stuff will happen.

I just returned from presenting a scientific paper at the annual meeting of the American Meteorological Society in Phoenix, Arizona, on Jan. 8. My scientific paper focused on the first point. It shows our CO2 emissions have so little effect on atmospheric CO2 that our CO2 emissions cannot possibly cause climate change. If you could stop all human CO2 emissions, you would not stop climate change. Nature causes climate change.

Many scientists at the meeting reviewed my presentation. About 80 percent agreed with my paper and its conclusions. About 10 percent said they would think about it. A few presented challenges and I showed them where their challenges were wrong. Overall, this is an amazing acceptance of my paper by scientists at the AMS meeting. In addition, many climate scientists worldwide support my paper.

Most of all, the physics in my paper is so simple that high-school students can understand it. It should be taught in all our schools. The real solution to climate change is better education.

So, if you are serious about the science behind your efforts to save the planet, and want to learn some simple physics, email me at ed@edberry.com. I will be happy to talk to your group and help you understand why our CO2 does not change climate.

Ed Berry