Preserve Individual Freedom and Defeat HB 284

I am vehemently opposed to HB 284

I have thought a lot about end-of-life care options ever since my father committed suicide seven years ago. He had cancer, was not responding to chemotherapy and radiation, and was in constant pain. He should have had more humane options.

I believe life is about making our own personal choices and not having those restricted by others’ objections or moral codes who think they know what is right for us. If this is their belief then they can apply that belief to their own life without deciding what is right for others. That is why I am a big proponent of allowing each individual the right to decide what is best and right for them in their particular life circumstance.

Residents of the state of Montana should have the option, together with their families and their doctors, to make the end-of-life care decisions that are right for them in the final stages of a terminal illness. These options should include the ability to request a prescription from their doctor for medication they can decide to take to end their dying process peacefully if their suffering becomes unbearable.

I am vehemently opposed to HB 284, which would criminalize physicians and ban medical aid in dying. I am appalled that the Legislature would take individual choice and authority away from a person and allow the state to decide what their moral code should be. It’s a case of Big Government treating individual Montanans as if they need help in deciding what’s right for them.

Please do the right thing and preserve individual freedom and defeat HB 284. This bill was introduced by Rep. Carl Glimm. I urge you to contact him or the Legislature and state your opposition to this bill.

Cliff Palmer