Democrats Don’t Care About Border Security

President Donald Trump wants to fulfill his promise

By RJ Low

Gary Armstrong’s letter (Jan. 30 Beacon: “An Exercise in Distraction”) accuses Tammi Fisher of attempting to distract – while attempting his own sophomoric smoke screen.

Armstrong’s argument is this: trust me, Sen. Jon Tester and the Democrats are honestly all for securing the border. Just not a wall – like the kind that Border Patrol and ICE have stated is very effective where portions now exist. Not about stopping President Donald Trump from fulfilling his promise. Not fears that a wall, unlike immigration enforcement, a president can’t order to cease stopping illegal entry.

Perhaps he hopes readers have short memories.

We remember President Barack Obama essentially ordered border enforcement to stand down for two terms, inviting a flood of illegal aliens. Sen. Tester didn’t object. Nor did any of the current Democratic leaders and politicians that Armstrong now claims want to secure the border.

The lawless Democratic sanctuary states and cities protecting illegal aliens, and the Democrats in Congress who support them? Who among the Democratic caucus, or the Democratic talking heads in the media whose talking points Armstrong parrots, can he refer us to as objecting to this? Sen. Tester voted to shield those jurisdictions.

Does Armstrong hope nobody notices those in the Democratic brain trust openly talking about doing away with ICE, open borders, saying they want to give illegal aliens the vote?

Perhaps he hopes nobody remembers President Ronald Reagan giving Democrats their amnesty in exchange for border security – and then Democrats reneging on securing the border?

Armstrong’s real objection to a wall is that he, Sen. Tester, and Democratic leadership know if they can keep illegal aliens stampeding across the border just a little bit longer, Democrats can finally flip either Texas or Florida. And with that, guarantee a Democratic presidential hegemony for generations. A Democratic hegemony of the presidency, the regulatory bureaucracies – and a judiciary carefully chosen to protect it all.

The perfect setting for a succession of Democratic presidents going around Congress with their phones and pens.

RJ Low

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