Income Inequality

Don’t let liberal Democrats steal your votes with their Robin Hood lies

By Gary Fitzpatrick

In Robin Hood’s time the rich (government) were rich at the expense of someone else. Everything was limited. A coat might take hundreds of hours to produce. The rich had food and others had to starve. Gold, silver and land belonged to the king (government) and even coins of the realm were limited by primitive production methods. Rich or poor life wasn’t a party, but rich was a whole lot better.

Skip forward. Understand that money has no value other than trust. It is a storage instrument. $1,000 might buy a cow, television, gun, etc. Point being, the party selling the cow trusts that the worthless paper will be accepted for the television. Money in the wallet or bank has no value. It is the cow or television that has value. The fact that someone else has more money does not restrict your ability to have money and things. Clothing is now so cheap people give it away. The rich have more expensive clothes but it functions the same as yours and doesn’t deprive you of clothing.

Comparing lifestyle the commoner and rich are pretty equal. Both have a living place with hot/cold running water, heat/air, motor vehicle, air travel, food, medical, leisure time. The rich might have more expensive things but they serve the same functions. The rich don’t exist at the expense of someone else. In fact the common mans’ access to air travel, big screen TV, computers, smart phone, vehicle, gas, food, entertainment, medical care etc. etc. is probably what made them rich.

Liberal Democrats are now trying to get votes by convincing people that the rich deprive everyone else. Unlike the days of Robin Hood wealth is no longer limited. The fact you have a smart phone or big screen TV does not deprive someone else from getting one. The opposite is true. The more you have the more they make and the cheaper they get. Buy a computer and Bill Gates and a lot of others get richer. But you have the wealth, the computer. They only have worthless money which might just be an entry in a computer, useless until it is spent and when spent they make others richer.

The only value income inequality has is that liberal Democrats can use it to get the suckers to vote for them

Don’t let liberal Democrats steal your votes with their Robin Hood lies.

Gary Fitzpatrick

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