Our Focus is Our Power

We create more problems than solutions with our war machine

By Astaras Drolkar

I learned a long time ago that putting our focus on the president is not the point. Loving or hating Donald Trump, or any president, is not the point. It siphons our energy and it’s not productive, whether we choose the pro or con side.

We can throw around words like love of freedom and flag. We can make accusations without statistics and all this does is hype up our emotional levels into flight, fight or freeze modes.

To be balanced we have to look beneath the surface. It would be really helpful if we would all tell our Congress members to cut military spending and take care of our own, or we vote them out. I’m not saying right, left or a party, I’m saying all of us have the common sense to see that, at some point, we need to deal with our crumbling infrastructure.

We create more problems than solutions with our war machine. Case in point the recent leak that Syria did not drop gas on its own people as we were told. Tragic that we are in part responsible for their suffering.

If anyone is coming for us let us meet them from our well-tended bridges, roads and water supply. We start by being aware of our focus. Just because we are directed to focus on poor Flint, Michigan doesn’t mean our water pipes are pristine in the rest of the country. There’s a lot of work to be done at home. Allowing ourselves to look beneath the surface empowers us to act on whatever issue interests us. We can start with small ways of improving our ability to focus. Some of these are dietary, movement, and turning off the TV. We could all use more focus and feel better for it.

Astaras Drolkar