Search For Man Missing in Glacier Park Scaled Back

Officials say search for Mark Sinclair will continue in “limited capacity”

By Justin Franz
Mark Sinclair. Courtesy Photo

The search for a man missing in Glacier National Park is winding down. 

On Thursday, park officials announced that they were scaling back the search for Mark Sinclair, a 66-year-old Whitefish man missing since July 8. Sinclair was last seen that day on the Highline Trail between Haystack Butte and Granite Park Chalet.

Since then, teams from Glacier Park and the Flathead County Sheriff’s Office have searched from the ground and air.  The search effort has been moved to a “limited continuous mode,” meaning that active searching will not occur every day, but will continue in a reduced capacity with patrols. The park will continue to investigate the disappearance in hopes of gaining further information about his whereabouts. 

Updated missing person posters with Sinclair’s picture and description will be posted throughout the park for the duration of the summer. 

“We continue to ask the public to think back to their visits to the park last week. Additional sightings or the discovery of Mark’s belongings could help investigators identify new search tactics,” said Search Team Commander Ed Visnovske. “The park deeply appreciates the efforts of our county and federal partners – we could not have covered such a significant area or conducted such an in-depth search without that support.” 

The public is urged to continue to report information that may lead to Sinclair’s whereabouts, including sightings and any discovery of his belongings, by calling (406) 888-7077.

Sinclair was wearing all gray or nondescript clothing (possibly in shorts), a yellow bandana around his neck, a gray waist fanny pack, and no hat when he went missing. His hair is completely white and he may have a beard that is white as well. He is 5 feet, 8 inches tall and weighs approximately 155 pounds.