Food Left Out Causing Yellowstone Black Bear Problems

One bear had bitten into a tent, bruising a woman's thigh

By Justin Franz

YELLOWSTONE NATIONAL PARK — Yellowstone National Park officials urge visitors to properly store food amid a series of problems with black bears.

Park officials said Thursday they’ve recently had to kill two black bears and are trying to capture a third. All three bears sought out food that people haven’t stored in cars or other secure containers.

One bear had bitten into a tent, bruising a woman’s thigh. Another got into unattended food at a different campsite and kept approaching people the next day.

A third bear has been damaging tents and vehicles in search of human food. Park officials plan to scare off or remove the bear if it returns.

Yellowstone officials say they have few good options besides killing bears that are dangerous because people have let them eat their food.