Eradicating Our Way of Life

Part-time Montana Gov. Steve Bullock has undermined all of Montana

By TJ Smith

What is the U.S. Climate Alliance? It is a domestic group formed specifically to undermine President Donald Trump’s excellent decision to pull out of the Paris Climate Agreement. Now, by executive order, part-time Montana Gov. Steve Bullock has undermined all of Montana by aligning Montana with the U.S. Climate Alliance.

This is so wrong. To begin, Montana is the Treasure State, not the “Fly Fishing State.” Sure, Montana is a great state for recreation, but to quote Kalispell Sen. Al Olszewski, “Montana’s wealth comes from the ground.” Our natural resources and our ag products are all within the sphere of the carbon footprint Bullock wants to eradicate. He wants to eradicate your way of life. He wants to eradicate your livelihoods.

In his executive order announcement, Bullock said to ask any Montanan and we Montanans would say, “climate change is real and poses a serious threat to Montana.” You, sir, have lost touch with Montana and Montana values. You further prove this, sir, by rubbing shoulders with Jane Fonda … got her money and endorsement, did you? You may represent Jane Fonda now, but you forgot Montana.

This executive order by Bullock isn’t one of those things we can ignore. Why? Because our very livelihoods are in danger of eradication. We have to act now. How? By filling Bullock’s mailbox with letters and insisting that our state senators and representatives take the action necessary to put an end to our eradication. Write those letters now. Today!

TJ Smith