Democrats Ignore Trump’s Message

Hopefully, voters in 2020 will return the women to places they came from

By Philip L Barney

President Donald Trump’s tweeted criticism of four leftist women freshmen Democratic representatives in Congress for their anti-American rhetoric and socialist/Marxist policies did what other spineless Democrats in Congress should have done. While Democrats and their media sycophants have screamed phony (by definition) “racist” accusations, they failed to address the issues that Trump criticized: 1) Blatant anti-Semitic and anti-Israel remarks, calling for a “boycott” of Israel; 2) The fantasy of a “Green New Deal” that would destroy the U.S. economy (a goal of the Justice Democrats, a Marxist organization backing the women); 3) Government single-payer health care (Medicare for All) that would increase taxes to 70 percent for the middle class, ration care, bankrupt hospitals and destroy private health care. 4) Support for enemies of the country, characterizing the 9/11 attack by al-Qaeda terrorists as “some people did something;” 5) Inaccurately calling the Obama-created border detention facilities “concentration camps,” then voting against funds to improve them; 6) An “open borders” policy and decriminalizing illegal entry into the U.S. (but providing free health care for all who enter illegally).

Hopefully, voters in 2020 will return the women to places they came from: Michigan, New York, Minnesota and Massachusetts.

Philip L Barney

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