A Plan for a Recycling Facility

I for one am kicking myself every time I throw my consumed plastic away

By Cody Olszyk

I am wondering whether it could be possible to one day have a state-of-the-art and zero-emission recycling facility at the location of the old aluminum plant? The location is ideal because of the renewable electricity from the Hungry Horse Dam and proximity to the railroad. Some thoughts on the subject:

I envision a comprehensive project involving planning from the best engineers in the world on the subject. The vision might involve patents and people currently under corporate contract meaning the sacrifice and cooperation would have to be extensive. The true motivation being a more wholesome future for everyone and everything. Once a working model is designed and tested, it could be built at strategic locations regionally throughout our country so that we can all recycle.

This level of cooperation would have to include private and corporate philanthropy and donation. Momentum would have to gain extensive public support, and then government spending from all levels of government. We could even export the model to other nations of the earth as a further return on all of our investment.

Such a facility would certainly have the ability to produce raw bullion, from all things recyclable, for other manufactures specifications, but perhaps even some finished products for sale. Different locations might differ in the finished products produced. For instance, I envision plastic, with proper additives, can be fashioned to be weather, climate, UV resistant, and rubberized into building products such as siding, decking, and one day even roofing and sheathing. Perhaps, plastic scientists can devise a plastic formula that can have structural applications. Imagine 3d printing with recycled structural plastic.

I for one am kicking myself every time I throw my consumed plastic away.

Cody Olszyk

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