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All Flathead cities but Kalispell home sales past three years, May through July

By Richard Dews
© Copyright 2019 by Richard Garrett Dews. All rights reserved.

Last week, we looked at the past three years of May-through-July single-family residence sales — specifically focused upon Kalispell (it sells the most out of the Flathead Valley cities) — by range of square footage. This week, we’ll look at the other major locales.

Columbia Falls has more activity than you might expect, and its per-square-foot median pricing is on par with Bigfork for the lower two ranges, below Bigfork in the 2,000-foot range, and ABOVE Bigfork in the 2,500-foot range! Columbia Falls’ year-over-year per-foot pricing is inching upwards like Kalispell, while Whitefish’s year-over-year pricing per foot intertwines like a stick of Twizzlers, ramping downwards from over $250 per foot for the smaller size ranges, but some can be had for $150 per foot in the larger sizes!

The graphic below shows a rotation of city-specific versions of the chart at the top of this column, cycling through Columbia Falls, Whitefish, Polson, Bigfork and Lakeside in 10-second intervals.

© Copyright 2019 by Richard Garrett Dews. All rights reserved.

Richard Dews is CEO of Glacier Flathead Real Estate, a Flathead-based real estate software and services company.